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IMV is a peer-based distributed database system accessible over WebDAV/DASL, an extended HTTP protocol. The system allows users to publish their information in a structured format instead of unstructured webpages, making it possible for other users to query it. The data contributed by a user is stored in a graph like structure in his/her datasource. Aggregators are special clients that can collect data from multiple data-sources which may be located at different sites to provide an aggregate view of the data.

The project, now passive, was started by a group of senior undergraduate students of the Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune (INDIA) for their bachelor's final project and sponsored by Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd., a software firm based in Pune (INDIA). You an find more information about the site on the sourceforge project website.

Rushi and Pavan won the second prize in the Networking Applications category and third prize overall at Concepts 2002, a bachelor's final year project competition organized by PICT and IEEE (Pune Chapter). They also received the best project award at Ideon 2002, an open software competition at IIT-Kharagpur.



Vinod Kulkarni [Project Supervisor] Assistant Vice President at Persistent Systems
Santosh Dawara [Coordinator] Previously member of technical staff at Persistent SystemsCurrently graduate student at Rochester Institute of Technology
Rushi Desai   Previously student at MIT, Pune
Currently research assistant at IIT-Bombay
Pavan Reddy   Previously student at MIT, Pune
Currently member of technical staff at Persistent Systems


Note: Release files can be obtained from the sourceforge project website. They are not available here. Only te dependencies are available here:


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